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How high do you fly in a hot air balloon?

As high as you like!  Rarely does a balloon ride in Kansas City fly over 5,000 feet however.  Typically, hot air balloons fly just above the tree top level in the country and over 1,000 feet in populated areas.  Hot air balloons stay out of clouds.

Is is cold up there?

The temperature at normal hot air balloon flight elevations is not different from that on the ground.  The temperature drops 1.5 degrees every 1,000 feet. Since a hot air balloon moves with the wind you do not feel a breeze.

When does the balloon ride season begin?

Conditions are more favorableto fly a hot air balloon in Kansas City during late spring, summer, autumn and early winter.  Hot air balloons can be seen any day that surface winds are less than 10 mph.

Is hot air ballooning dangerous?

Hot air ballooning is the safest air sport known.  Most accidents occur on or very near the ground and result in damage only to the fabric, which comprises the envelope holding the hot air.

Where do your balloon rides normally take off?

Hot air balloons in Kansas City take off from just about any place but must avoid airport control zones, overhead obstructions such as power lines and light poles.  The balloon ride launch site is chosen from where the pilot anticipates the landing to be.  Most of our balloon rides are done in southern Johnson County around Olathe and Overland Park.

How far do you fly?

How far a hot air balloon flys depends on how fast the wind is blowing.  A balloon carries enough fuel for 45 minutes to an hour.  So, if the wind is blowing 6 mph, you will fly 6 miles.  If the wind is blowing 3 mph you will go 3 miles.


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