The balloon ride was fantastic! Great weather and and excellent company.

Consumer Alert

300x300_alertFinding hot air balloon rides online has become a great way to learn about our industry and find a safe, professional location to have your first ride.

Unfortunately, there is also a growing trend for outside companies such as 1-800 Skyride, Soaring Sports, etc. that are buying up local domains across the country and advertising rides when they are not actually storefronts locally.

These services require you to call an 800 number and then book a ride with them at a rate that appears to be at a discounted rate. Once your transaction is complete you will then be charged a service charge costing you more money to take your ride than you would pay an actual local company.

These 3rd party marketing companies are also known to send customers to other states past local companies only because most reputable companies do not use this bogus service.

Make sure you are dealing with an actual company that is more than just an answering service.


We are locally owned and operated.

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